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About Spotted Wood Owl (Click-Readmore)


Scientific name: Strix seloputo
Higher classification: Wood owls
Phylum: Chordata
Order: Owls
Rank: Species
Size: Length 44-48cm.
Conservation status: Least Concern (Population stable)

The Spotted Wood Owl is large earless owl with an orange-buff facial disk with dark brown eyes. The bill is greyish to green-black .The plumage on the head is chocolate brown and the feathers have golden bases and white spots, with black edges, becoming bar-shaped on the nape. The upper parts are red-brown and are spotted heavily with white spots with black edges. The mantle, back and upper tail coverts are pale brown with black-edged white bars and spots.

The Spotted Wood Owl is resident throughout South East Asia from Southern Myanmar to Indonesia and the Philippines.

Partially cleared forest, evergreen secondary forest, forest edges, plantations and parks in human settlements. Also inhabits unpopulated remote regions such as swamp forest and mangroves near the coast.

The Spotted Wood Owl is a nocturnal bird, becoming active at dusk. They can be very vocal at this time and also when returning at dawn.

The Spotted Wood Owl feeds mainly on small rodents, small birds and large insects.

The breeding season typically runs from January to August. Breeding occurs in tree holes or in open branches, often high up in a tall tree.